The Audi A8 4.2 is a great motor, and this example has over 220,000 miles on it. It needs some attention and TLC for sure.

So first up was a full set of front brakes and huge rotors. They had to dust off the boxes at the parts store when I picked them up, I guess there aren’t much of a call for these parts!


The gear selector switch had gone bad, which was putting the box into limp mode, so a I fit a new switch (I’ve just simplified something that took me about 4 hours due to stripped bolts and involved melting the old switch with the welder).

The water pump was leaking, and Audi has always liked to put they’re pumps behind virtually everything in the motor so you have to disassemble the engine to get to the pump. Water had also destroyed the damper spring/shock. I was a little surprised to find the timing belt to be so loose it was flopping around. Lucky it hadn’t jumped.

All back together now (so I had some rum obviously), but I’m still fighting some kind of driveshaft problem in the front, but what a car!