Well, another Passat has moved on form my possession. This TDI 4spd Auto had a bad torque converter so I fit a second-hand gearbox and tidied up a few other little things. VCDS actually showed a mechanical fault in the torque converter as a gearbox error code which made confirming what I’d suspected that little bit easier. The non-tiptronic gearboxes (4spd as opposed to 5spd) are a little harder to find as this was not a ‘sport’ model so was the lower power 1.9.

To note: The original gearbox was an EVP code – but I installed an earlier DMX auto gearbox which worked absolutely fine and everything hooked up as it should.

I took this car to get the interior detailed ready to go for sale, and the detailer bought it on the spot (didn’t charge me for the detail either).