When you’re sitting really close to a driveshaft, the last thing you want to really be thinking about is how little protection you have from that shaft you know, taking out your legs. When they built the Jensen Interceptor they moulded the tunnel inside the passenger compartment from fiberglass. It’s actually been made fairly well, but it won’t quite work with the new transmission – so out it comes – what a mess.



My goal (and because I think it would be cool) is to run the exhaust actually down through the chassis. For whatever reason, it’s almost like they simply forgot about exhaust when they built the original Interceptors, and it literally just ran underneath the car – including underneath the rear axle.


This is a problem for getting the car lower, and it’s just untidy I think. The new 5speed auto transmission isn’t as wide as the original TorqueFlight 3spd so I think I now have an opportunity to do something much cleaner, but it is going to take some work (and some heat shielding).

So the plan now is to cut the entire tunnel out of the 300 and see if I can use it to replace the fiberglass. This will give me the original shifter mounting position and also mean that the really dangerous spinning driveshaft is behind, you know, steel.