Spent some time cleaning up the engine bay in the Jensen. 40+ years on the roads has meant that grease is everywhere, plus I think someone was a bit overzealous with underseal at some point in this car’s life. It may need media-blasting before paint, but what I want for now is something clean enough to work with.

It’s an interesting frame setup, utilising two ‘tubes’ linking the front and back of the car. It’s simple, but it looks wide enough for what we need to do. Found a couple funny ‘mods’ the car has picked up over the years. The fuel line is a 10mm copper radiator pipe running underneath the car, held on by hopes and dreams.

Also, this little gem of a fitting, looks like someone brazed some fittings together to make a new power-steering line at some point, plus inclusion of some more radiator fittings to round it all off.


The Jensen is now tucked up to the side of the garage so there is plenty of room to get the 300c in and start taking out the donor engine and chassis electrics.

Speaking of engines, check out the size of the 440cu.in. (that’s 7.2 litres) hunk of iron V8 that came out of the Jensen! Looks like it’s the original motor (4C 440), and it’s complete albeit a bit tired. Someone has replaced the original valve covers at some point, but doesn’t look to have anything majorly wrong or missing.